​“The Colors of Anatolia-Kadesh” in sister country Algeria


“The Colors of Anatolia-Kadesh”, a show program organized by the Yunus Emre Institute in five continents since 2017,  has met with the audience in sister country Algeria.

The program took place at Algeria Opera Hall where hundreds of people attended. A harmonious mix of traditional and modern dances was presented to the taste of the audience first by the Algerian dance group “Le Bale de L’opera” and then the Turkish dance group “The Colors of Anatolia”. The Turkish group is named after the first written peace treaty in history called “Kadesh” which was found in Anatolia. Its performance included different motifs from various local dances in Anatolia. Ebru artist Garip Ay accompanied the show with  a live performance reflected on the screen.            

The program was attended by such dignitaries as  Director of the Algerian National Archives Prof.  Dr. Abdelmadjid Chikhi, President of Algeria 2 University Prof. Dr. Fatiha Zerdaoui  and President of Blida University Prof. Dr. Ramoul Khaled. At the end of the program, the Turkish Ambassador to Algeria Mehmet Poroy presented a tughra painting to the Algerian Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi. The painting, prepared by Turkish artist İsmet Keten,  depicted the Minister’s name. Both the Minister and the Ambassador also addressed the audience and expressed their best wishes.