Turkish films on world tour


The Turkish Films Week, organized by Yunus Emre Institute, is on full steam with screenings in London, Vienna, Tripoli, Baku and Chicago between December 12 and 16.

Yunus Emre Institute has been holding Turkish Films Week events in various parts of the world with support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Republic to promote Turkish culture in the field of cinematography as the most powerful art around the world.

The event combines Yunus Emre Institute' widespread network with the experience of the Directorate General of Cinema with a view to bringing the Turkish culture closer to intellectual circles and young university population abroad.

The Turkish Films Week events have been previously held in Italy, Croatia, Jordan, Romania, Iran, Germany, Morocco, Hungary and Russia. The week showcases much-ballyhooed titles including Ayla (Ayla: The Daughter of War), Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep), Kalandar Soğuğu (Cold of Kalandar), Buğday (Grain), Rüya (Dream), Hicran ve Melek (Hicran and Melek), Çınar (Plane), Mavi Bisiklet (Blue Bicycle), Kelebeğin Rüyası (The Butterfly's Dream), Bana Masal Anlatma (Telling Tales), Uzun Hikaye (A Long Story) and Unutursam Fısılda (Whisper If I Forget). 

Film directors meet with the audience

The Turkish Films Week, held in London by Yunus Emre Institute, brings together the audience and Mustafa Karadeniz, the director of the film Çınar, Mustafa Kara, the director of the film Mustafa Kara, Derviş Zaim, the director of Rüya, and Esra Vesu Özçelik, the director of Hicran ve Melek.

During the talks moderated by famous British film critic Phillip Bergson, the directors discuss curious aspects of their films.